• Audition applications will be available for all college and university recruiters.
  • There are 40 display tables available – register early!
  • Detailed cost information is available through online registration
  • Colleges and Universities are not required, but are encouraged to offer at least one $500 scholarship to auditioning students.
  • Seat in audition room per person; school listed on website and on Guidebook with link

Audition Schedule

  • Technical Theater and Educator auditions on Saturday from 9-12:30pm 
  • Performance (acting/musical theater) auditions are held on
    • Friday from 8am-12pm, 1:00-5:00pm and 6:00-10:00pm
    • Saturday from 8am-9am (Musical Theater)
  • Callback auditions will be held and scheduled by each college at their table.


  • College Auditors- $100.00 per person
  • College Recruiters & Table- $100.00
  • 2 guests per table; $25.00 per each additional person

For further information, contact  Jenae Glanton, College Chair, at 


All recruiters must sign the Consent & Acceptance FormMake 2 copies. Keep one to place behind your name in your badge and return one with your check to Amy Jordan.

To pay for your registration, you must send a check to:

Texas Thespians
C/O Amy Jordan
Denison High School
4200 N. State Highway 91
Denison, TX 75020

You will pay for hotel rooms by credit card onsite at the hotel. 


If you would like to teach a workshop in exchange for your booth fee, please fill out the Guest Artist Workshop Submission. If selected, Troy Menn will contact you. If you have specific questions, please contact Troy at


Advertise in the Texas Thespian State Festival Event app Guidebook! Your banner will be seen all three days of Festival.

For further information regarding cost, contact Amy Jordan, Chapter Director, at