Texas Thespians is pleased to announce that we are a Texas Education Agency approved CPE provider. As such, your time at Texas Thespians will serve as part of your annual CPE/Professional Development hours. 

  • In order to receive your Continuing Professional Education Certificate, we ask that you
  • Submit your worksheet attendance worksheet, which we will provide at registration.
  • Attend all Mandatory Director Meetings
  • Fulfill your requirements during Festival
    • If your students are entering Individual Events and/or any Tech Events, you are required to assist with National and State Competitions for at least one hour.
      • Failure to do so will result in loss of Continued Professional Education (CPE) hours and a letter will be sent to your principal.
    • You are required to uphold all hotel rules, Festival Rules, Social Media Policy, and the Thespian Code of Conduct
      • Familiarize yourself with the rules. If your Troupe has discipline issues, you may be denied attending Festival the following year.