Thespians compete in a variety of categories at Texas Thespian State Festival.

  • Individual Performance Events
  • Individual Technical Events
  • Team Events
  • Playwriting - Thespian Playworks
  • Short Film
  • Outstanding Troupe Award
  • Music Composition - Thespian Musicalworks

Troupes may enter six (6) Performance IEs and seven (7) Technical IEs in ANY combination, however each student can only enter one event.  Troupes are not limited to only one (1) event in each category.  

For example, troupes can have 2 duet acting, 3 solo musicals and 1 group musical.   See our Individual & Group Events FAQs for additional specific examples.

National Qualifiers: If students achieve the highest scores, Individual and Group events, Playwriting, Musical Composition, and Short Film are eligible to advance to National Competitions at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Texas-Only Competitions include the Tech Challenge, Team Design events, and Outstanding Troupe Award.

Texas-Only Competitions: Improv Challenge & Dance Competition!

Please note: Due to LIMITED space in the IE rooms, only the Director and the Performer(s) may attend IE performances.

  National Individual Events Guide at a Glance 
National IE Guide
  Adjudicator's Guide to the IE Forms  
  National Qualifying Performance IEs  
  Monologue Guidelines  $15.00 per student
  Duet Acting Guidelines $15.00 per student
  Group Acting Guidelines $15.00 per student
  Acting Assessment Form  
  Solo Musical Guidelines $15.00 per student
  Duet Musical Guidelines $15.00 per student
  Group Musical Guidelines $15.00 per student
  Musical Theater Assessment Form  
  National Qualifying Technical IEs  
  Costume Design Guidelines $15.00 per student
  Costume Design Assessment Form  
  Costume Construction Guidelines $15.00 per student
  Costume Construction Assessment Form  
  Lighting Design Guidelines $15.00 per student
  Lighting Design Assessment Form  
  Scenic Design Guidelines  $15.00 per student
  Scenic Design Assessment Form  
  Sound  Design Guidelines $15.00 per student
  Sound Design Assessment Form  
  Stage Management Guidelines $15.00 per student
  Stage Management Assessment Form  
  Theatre Marketing Guidelines $15.00 per student
  Theater Marketing Assessment Form  
  Texas Only Events Only one entry per event per school.
  Tech Challenge Guide $15.00 per student - Team of 5-7 students
  Tech Team Design Event - Set Design $15.00 per student - Team of 4 students
  Tech Team Design Event- Costumes $15.00 per student - Team of 4 students
  Tech Team Design Event - Hair & Makeup $15.00 per student - Team of 4 students
  Tech Team Design Event - Mask Making $15.00 per student - Team of 4 students
Improv Challenge $15.00 per student - Team of 4-6 students
Dance Competition Guidelines $15.00 per student - Team of 2-16 students
  Dance Assessment Form  
  Outstanding Troupe Award No entry fee
  National Qualifying Programs Schools may enter multiple entries.
  Thespian Playworks No entry fee
  Thespian Musicalworks  No entry fee
  Short Film Guidelines  $15.00 per student
  Short Film Assessment Form