In Costume Design, the skills that will be measured are:

An understanding of costume design

 An understanding of the artistic and practical constraints which impact design 

 An understanding of the relationship of costume design to a unifying concept 

The ability to carry out research into style, period, locale, and genre of the play

The ability to present and explain design choices

Attention to detail. 

 1. Only one entrant may be involved in the design. No collaborations are permitted. 

2. Designs for either theoretical or realized productions are acceptable.

3. The entrant must prepare and present:

• An 8-minute presentation followed by 4 minutes of Q&A. The overall session, including the Q&A, may not exceed twelve minutes.

• Five character renderings, either five different characters, or follow a single character through five changes. More than five character renderings will not be accepted. No finished costumes are permitted.

o Renderings should be 8″ to 10″ tall.

o Template or trace characters are permitted.

o Swatches MUST be included and attached to the lower left hand corner of the display board.

• The character renderings must each be mounted on either a 10″ x 15″ or 11″ x 17″ heavy stock display board.

• Board stands are optional. The board should be labelled in the following manner:

o Upper left hand corner: show title and writer(s)

o Upper right hand corner: character’s name, act, and scene

o Lower right hand corner: entrant’s name and troupe number

o NO other information may be included on the labels

o Labels should be considered a part of the presentation; they must be neatly typed or carefully hand lettered.

• An artifact binder. Each artifact binder must include a complete set of the following materials: 

o A one-page design statement

o Complete research

o Theme of show

o Design unifying concept

o Script requirements

o Budgetary requirements or other constraints or considerations

o Sources of inspiration for design and color palette. (if used)

o Techniques used within the design

o Preliminary sketches

o Costume plot (showing who wears what, when).

• Entrants must wear all black.

• Entrants must wear all black shoes.