This is a Texas competition only.  There is no national competition for this event at this time.

In the Dance Competition, the skills that will be measured are:

  • Clear character development
  • Establishment of mood or setting
  • Ability to create believable characters
  • Use of focus and concentration
  • Use of dance and movement
  • Integration of body, movement and staging

General Rules:

  1. Schools can enter one team into the Dance Competition.
  2. Teams consist of 2-16 troupe members.
  3. All event participants must be registered for the festival by Oct.13th.
  4. Music-related events must provide their own music and whatever device is necessary to play that music at an appropriate volume for their piece. The Festival will not provide music players.  You are advised to have a backup copy of your music.
  5. Students (2 to 16 in number) must present one selection.
  6. The dance must present clear character development.
  7. Material must be drawn from published scripts written for theatre.  Works from other forms are not permitted.
  8. Performers must use pre-recorded music. Singing may be on the recording for dance.
  9. The performance cannot exceed five minutes.  Time will start once the performers start or when the music starts after concluding the introduction. If time is exceeded, entry will be disqualified.
  10. This is a dance category.  No singing will be done.
  11. No lip syncing is allowed in this competition.
  12. Up to sixteen chairs and one table can be used and will be provided.
  13. Props are not permitted in the competition.
  14. Dress code requirements are the same as the National IE Dress Code Requirements. All blacks are required.  Please check the rules on the Texas Thespian Website.

Dance Competition Assessment Form