IEs2015 3

1.  What are IEs? 
Individual Events or IEs are competitive events which qualify for National Competitions at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

  • Performance IEs:  Solo Musical, Duet Musical, Group Musical, Monologue, Duet Acting, Group Acting
  • Technical IEs: Sound Design, Lighting Design, Stage Management, Marketing, Costume Construction, Costume  Design, Set Design
  • Short Film
  • Playworks - playwriting competition
  • Musicalworks - music composition competition

Beginning this year, schools are not limited to one event per category.

  • Troupes are allowed to have any six (6) performance IEs - whatever six best fit your students' strengths (ex: 3 monologues, 2 duet musicals, and a group musical).
  • Troupes are allowed to submit any seven (7) technical events in any combination (ex: 3 stage managers, 2 lighting designs, and 2 scenic designs).

Is there Acceptable & Unacceptable Material? 

Acceptable material for all Individual Performance Events: 

  • Published scripts written for the theater ONLY
  • Songs from a musical that have been written for the theater (regardless of its previous publication as a classical or popular song). 

Unacceptable material for Individual Performance Events:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Scripts or songs from films
  • Scripts or songs from television
  • Stand-alone monologues found on the internet or in monologue books
  • Popular songs not used in a published work for the theater
  • Classical songs not used in a published work for the theater.

2. In what events may my students participate?IEs2015

  • Tech Challenges: Troupes can enter 5 to 7 delegates who compete in a Tech Challenge relay (for example: leg a platform, focus a light, fold a backdrop, costume quick changes, setting props, sewing, roll cables, etc.)
  • Tech Team Design: During a 2-hour time slot, a team of four (4) students produce and bring to life a theatrically-based design for set, costumes, hair & makeup, or masks based on a show-specific prompt. Students/troupes will need to provide their own materials.
  • Students cannot cross enter team tech design events.
  • How do Tech Competitions work?
    All design competition teams are comprised of 4 people. They show up with EVERY possible supply that one would need.
  • When they get to the competition, they will be given a prompt... for Hair & Makeup, think fantasy or animal categories... The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe characters; The Lion King characters... you get the idea.
  • For Hair/Makeup, students created designs on themselves.
  • Plan on bringing feathers, raffia, sequins, eyelash glue (much easier than spirit gum to work with and to get off), eye pencils, cream makeup, blush, eyeshadow, brushes, mirrors, leaves, pearls, shells, plastic snowflakes, ANYTHING that might possibly be useful for a makeup design. 
  • For Costumes, students create designs on 12" wooden art models which are provided for them.
  • For costumes, some bring sewing machines, tubs of scraps, buttons, trim, etc. 
  • For Set Designs, students create sets in a box that holds paper reams. Teams must bring their own box.
  • For Mask Making, students will create designs on plastic mask forms.  Items that can be used for Hair/Makeup would be useful for mask making.
  • For set designs, bring foam core, paint, hot glue guns & sticks, model furniture, toothpicks, battery operated Christmas lights, balsa wood, wire, etc. 
  • Students will have use of a electrical power strip and will work in a designated 8' x 8' space. 

3. What if I have students who are cross-entered into Individual Events AND Tech Challenge AND Scholarship Auditions?
Students may only enter one (1) National Qualifying Event. A National Qualifying Event is a Performance IE: Solo Musical, Duet Musical, Group Musical, Monologue, Duet Acting, Group Acting or a Technical IE: Sound Design, Lighting Design, Stage Management, Marketing, Costume Construction, Costume Design, Set Design  

  • Students may be entered into an IE and a Tech Challenge relay.
  • Tech Challenges and Technical Events will be scheduled on Thursday; Performance IEs are scheduled on Friday.
  • Scholarship audition times are pre-assigned. Changes will only be made under certain circumstances.
  • What this means is that students need to be aware that timing could be difficult or busy but all students wanting to participate in all an IE, a tech event, and a scholarship audition could.

4. What’s the difference by Nationals and Finals Qualifying? IEs2015 4

A National Qualifier is an IE (Individual Event) performance score which must receive an overall superior rating from the judges.  

Students may qualify for Nationals, but may not necessarily be a IE finalist.  Finals Qualifiers are chosen by a majority vote from the adjudicators in each room. The Final Qualifiers will perform at the IEs Finals Showcase on Saturday.

5. Why are students required to wear black clothing for technical and performance IEs? Why can’t we just wear nice clothes?
This is a national model which Texas Thespians follow. Wearing all-black clothing promotes professionalism and creates a level playing ground for all participants.  

Click here for examples of What to Wear and What Not to Wear.

6. If we qualify for Nationals, are we required to go to the International Thespian Festival?
You are not required, but if you’ve never taken a troupe, you might want to look into it! National Festival is a blast!!

7. Does EVERY student have to be registered for events?
Yes - it's required for every student who is competing.

The reason? We want to give every student the opportunity to participate in all facets of festival and in doing so, we have had MASSIVE conflicts in the past with students participating in the competitions, the shows, and the scholarship auditions. 

To rectify this, we are creating personalized schedules for each student and troupe. After registration, we can cross-reference to see if your scholarship auditioning senior is also scheduled for an Individual Event. This process gives us the ability to see conflicts before we get to festival, and prevents stressed out troupe directors, Thespians, and festival personnel who are juggling 6,000+ schedules.