Directors are SOLELY responsible for verifying ALL IEs (Individual Event) titles. If a title is ineligible and/or not on the approved list, the student will not be allowed to compete at the National level. Read the National Individual Event Guidelines THOROUGHLY.


In monologues, the skills that will be measured are: 

checkUse of transitions into and out of character

Ability to create a believable character

Communication of objective, tactics, and relationships

Use of focus and concentration

Integration of voice, body, movement, and staging.


In a monologue performance the entrant must present two selections following these guidelines: 

• Begin with an introduction (slating). The introduction must include only:

o the entrant’s names,

o troupe number,

o title of both selections, and

o name of the playwright.

• Remain within strict time limits.

o Time will begin once a performer begins acting after the conclusion of the introduction (slating).

o Monologues are not to exceed three minutes. • Prepare two selections.

o Monologues should represent two contrasting selections (may be different in period, style or mood).

o Each selection should be approximately one and one half minutes each.

o Each selection should reflect an important moment in the play.

o Only one character from each play may be portrayed in each selection.

• Choose appropriate material.

o Material must be drawn from published scripts written for theatre.

o Material from other forms such as poetry, fiction, or film is prohibited.

o Stand-alone monologues found online or in monologue books are prohibited.

• Follow strict limits on clothing and props.

o Props (including hand held props), costumes, or theatrical makeup are not allowed.

o One chair may be used.

o Entrants must wear all black.

o Entrants must wear dark, preferably black, shoes.

o Clothing should be professional yet allow easy movement for the actor to accommodate the action of the performance.

o Entrants should refrain from wearing anything that might distract the adjudicators.