Directors are SOLELY responsible for verifying ALL IEs (Individual Event) titles. The song MUST be from a published musical that has been produced. NO SOUND SYSTEMS ARE PROVIDED AT TEXAS THESPIAN FESTIVAL!

In Musical Theatre – Solo Performance, the skills that will be measured are:

Use of transitions into and out of character

 Ability to create a believable character

Communication of objective, tactics, and relationships through dialogue and music

 Use of focus and concentration

Vocal skill and technique

Use of dance and movement

Integration of voice, body, movement, and staging.

In a musical theatre solo performance, the entrant must present one musical selection from a published script written for musical theatre. The judges will consider how well the piece is acted, not just how well it is sung. The selection may contain dialogue; however, this is primarily a “sung and not spoken” selection.


Entrants must:

• Begin with an introduction (slating). The introduction (slating) must include only:

 o the entrant’s name,

 o troupe number,

 o title of selection, and

 o name of the composer and lyricist.

• Remain within strict time limits.

 o Time will start once the performance begins after the conclusion of the introduction (slating).

 o Musical theatre solo performances are not to exceed five minutes.

• Choose appropriate material.

 o Material must be drawn from songs from published scripts written for theatre.

 o Material from other forms such as film, television, poetry, fiction, or popular song lyrics not interpreted as musical performance are prohibited.

• Follow strict limits on musical accompaniment.

 o Performers MUST use pre-recorded, non-vocal musical accompaniment; no live music is permitted.

 o Accompanists are not permitted.

 o A cappella performances are not permitted.

 o High quality Bluetooth speakers will be provided to allow participants to connect to a music source in one of two ways: either by using Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, or by using a provided 1/8-inch audio connection cable at INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN FESTIVAL ONLY! CD players will no longer be available at the International Thespian Festival; however, participants may bring their own players to play their pre-recorded, non-vocal musical accompaniment.

• Follow strict limits on clothing and props.

 o Props (including hand held props), costumes, or theatrical makeup are not allowed.

 o One chair may be used.

 o Entrants must wear all black.

 o Entrants must wear dark, preferably black, shoes.

 o Clothing should be professional yet allow easy movement for the actors to accommodate the action of the performance.

 o Entrants should refrain from wearing anything that might distract the adjudicators.