All-Star Troupe Displays are back!

Troupe Display 2015 c5df5

This is a great opportunity for your troupe to share your activities with the rest of the state. The Troupe Display will be rated by a panel of judges according to their content, creativity and originality.

  • We will provide a 6 foot table.
  • NO electricity provided or accessible
  • Your presentation can be anything that depicts your troupe's activities for the past year.
  • All display items must fit on the table and may not be higher than eight feet (8'0").

Troupe Scrapbook - 30%

  • Showcase your troupe activities and events with photos, awards, special events

Community/School Service – 40%

  • Include actual photos and items from service projects

Production History – 20%

  • Showcase your school’s productions for the past school year and the current fall season.
  • Include photos of rehearsals and performances
  • Display actual costumes, constructed props, model sets, masks, etc.

Display Theme – 10% 

  • Illustrates your Thespian pride - however you interpret that! Be creative!

Directors - Please complete the Texas All-Star Troupe area of the online registration if participating in this competition.