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TTSF lone star talent

proudly presents


Based on “America’s Got Talent,” “The Voice,” “American Idol,” etc, we are presenting a new talent showcase opportunity for members of your troupe! Complete with cash prizes and state-wide bragging rights, The Lone Star Talent Extravaganza will be featured on the Texas Thespian Website, Guidebook, Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter! This is an amazing opportunity for your most talented Thespians!  

Contestants will compete in prelims and finals for a chance to perform at Closing Ceremonies. Voting will be done via Guidebook and guest judges, so get your act together and be the show stopper!


Winners take home:

1st Place - $500 Award for your Troupe

2nd Place - $250 Award for your Troupe

3rd Place - $150 Award for your Troupe

Guidebook Crowd Favorite - $100 for your Troupe


  • You may perform in solo, duet, or group acts. Does your group have a special name? (Examples: The Swan Brothers, The Judds, ACD All-Stars, etc.)
  • Must provide own music or accompaniment (no piano provided, but you may bring a keyboard if you want). Sound system provided. May bring your guitars, etc.
  • Time limit – no more than 5 minutes total, which includes set-up time.
  • What is your talent?
  • Accepted acts? Anything goes! Comedy, juggling, dance, singing, improv troupes, acting, musical theater, ventriloquism, baton twirling, or any other special skills. (No fire allowed) BTW… Twerking is not a talent!
  • Please wear appropriate clothing! Costumes and minimal props are allowed and encouraged.


  • Auditions will be Thursday night. Check Guidebook for specifics.
  • Prelim Auditions: Prepare the best 1 minute of your act. Judges have the right to stop you when they’ve heard enough.
  • Final Auditions: Perform your entire act for the judges!


Friday night; check Guidebook for specifics.