Play Marathons (Up to 14 shows will be selected)

Much like play festivals and fringe performances, it’s all about ACTING. Bring your best and brightest performers for Play Marathons and rock the stage!

Time slots are one (1) hour. You will have 10 minutes to set up, 10 minutes to strike, and 40 minutes for your play.

Troupes MUST:

  • Bring their own set pieces, props, sound system, and additional lighting (if needed). SIMPLEST IS BEST
  • Bring your own marketing materials, programs for 350, and a house crew.
  • The fee is $50 and must accompany your payment, proof of royalty, and permission to cut scenes (if applicable) from publisher.

Shows can be original works, published works, one-acts, cut plays (with the publisher's permission only), improv showcases, readers' theater, or any theater-related performance piece.

*If interested, shows can compete to represent Texas at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, NE. There is no charge to be adjudicated for Chapter Select Plays.