1. What is a delegate?

A delegate is someone who attends a convention. All troupe directors, assistant/technical directors, chaperones, and students are all delegates. (Assistant Directors are fine arts employees. Chaperones are parent volunteers or anyone who does NOT teach in your
theatre department.)


2. What if we don’t want to eat at the convention center?  Can my students eat off-site?

Breakfast and lunch are on your own. There are kiosks and a food court setup for delegates to purchase breakfast and lunch. Our meals are seated and we encourage students to use their best table manners. Your meals include Thursday evening and Friday evening.


3. What if I don’t have a SmartPhone to use Guidebook? Is there a paper program?

We do have a master list of festival events available. However, this is simply an outline and will not have details. Please print out a copy from the Festival website before you arrive and be aware of changes.  Guidebook allows for real-time updates, so we encourage you to find a friend to help you with your schedule.



1. How do I get a Marathon Show to Festival?

Complete your registration in Cvent. The Play Marathon Director will be in touch after registration closes.


2. Does it cost anything to bring a Play Marathon?

Yes. It is $50.00 for your Marathon Play to be presented at Texas Thespians State Festival. If you are interested in being adjudicated for International Thespian Festival Chapter Select, there is no additional cost.


We also have a Black Box Series. A Black Box Series performance is a 2 hour play production in a 400 seat traditional thrust setting. Complete your registration in Cvent. The Black Box Director will be in touch after registration closes.


3. How do I get a show to the Main Stage?

See the Main Stage Adjudication process on our website.


4. If I want to have a show adjudicated for International Thespian Festival, how much does that cost?

The fee to be adjudicated for International Thespian Festival is $1,100. This fee will be split between all shows wanting to be adjudicated, and covers the adjudicator’s expenses.

5. What are the adjudicators looking for in a Main Stage performance?

We base our adjudication on the National International Thespian Society Model.

6. What is the financial reality of taking a Main Stage Show to Festival?

It depends on your production! There have been 4-person shows and 70-member spectacles.

Non-musical or musical makes no difference. We’re looking for variety, excellence and adaptability to the performance space.


7. What other opportunities other than Main Stage or Play Marathon can showcase my students’ talents?

  • The All-Star Troupe Display is a fun, creative way for your troupe to showcase their troupe involvement, productions, activities and events. 
  • The Outstanding Troupe Award is a terrific way to recognize your troupe’s accomplishments and your program’s activities


1.  What are IEs?

They are performance and technical competitions for individuals.

IEs are Individual Events. These events qualify for National Competitions at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Performance IEs: Solo Musical, Duet Musical, Group Musical, Monologue, Duet Acting, Group Acting

Technical IEs: Sound Design, Lighting Design, Stage Management, Marketing, Costume Construction, Costume Design, Set


2. Is there a fee for the Individual Event?

Yes - $15.00, over and above the $150.00 Festival Fee.


3. In how many Individual Events can my troupe participate?

Troupes may enter up to six (6) performance IEs and seven (7) technical IEs. No student may be cross-entered into any National Qualifying Event. Your troupe might have three solos, 2 duet acting, and 1 group musical AND 5 stage managers and 2 marketing! It’s up to you to decide how you want to delineate entries. The exception is Short Film.  You may enter as many Short FIlms as you would like. Remember - students may only participate in ONE IE per school.

4. In what other events may my students participate?

Tech Challenge

Troupes can enter a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of seven (7) delegates who compete in a Tech Challenge (for example: leg a platform, focus a light, fold a backdrop, etc)


Team Design Competition

During a 2-hour time slot, students produce and bring to life a theatrically-based design for set, costumes, mask making, or hair & makeup based on a show-specific prompt. Students will need to provide their own materials, ranging from hot-glue guns and glue sticks to glitter to fabric to feathers, and all points in-between!

Improv Challenge

We are looking for the best Improv Troupe in the state of Texas in our newly formed Improv Challenge! Each school is allowed to submit one troupe consisting of 4 - 6 members (4 players, 2 alternates) who will compete in a 8 team tournament. The first round will happen Thursday night and those teams advancing will compete for the title on Friday night. All teams must be available to attend mandatory workshops during the day to qualify for the evening tournament. Come out and show Texas that YOU are the best improvisers in the state!


Dance Competition

Dance Competition is a new Texas competition designed to show your dance skills in the theatrical world.  Each school may enter one team of 2-16 people into this competition.  The team will present one published musical theater dance selection demonstrating character development and quality of execution of dance.  Because this is a dance competition,no lip syncing or singing is allowed.  Performances cannot exceed 5 minutes.


5. What if I have students who are cross-entered into Individual Events AND Tech Challenge AND Scholarship Auditions?

  • Students may only enter one (1) National Qualifying Event.
  • A National Qualifying Event is a:

Performance IE - Solo Musical, Duet Musical, Group Musical, Monologue, Duet Acting, Group Acting

Technical IE - Sound Design, Lighting Design, Stage Management, Marketing, Costume Construction, Costume Design, Set Design

  • Students may be entered into a National Qualifying Events and a Tech Challenge.
  • Tech Challenges and Team Design Contests will be scheduled on Thursday; Performance IEs are scheduled on Friday.
  • Scholarship audition times are pre-assigned. Changes will only be made under certain circumstances.  What this means is that students need to be aware that timing may be difficult or busy, but all students wanting to participate in Individual Events, Tech Events, and Scholarships are able.

6. What’s the difference between Nationals and Finals Qualifying?

A National Qualifier is an IE (Individual Event) performance which receives 2 Superiors from the three (3) judges.  Students qualify for Nationals, but may not necessarily be showcased in our Main Stage performance.

Main Stage performers are chosen by a majority vote from the adjudicators in each room.  These delegates will perform at the IEs Main Stage Showcases on Saturday.


7. Why are students required to wear black clothing for technical and performance IEs? Why can’t we just wear nice clothes?

This is a national model which Texas Thespians follow. Wearing all-black clothing promotes professionalism and creates a level playing ground for all participants.


8. If we qualify for Nationals, are we required to go to the International Thespian Festival?

You are not required, but if you’ve never taken a troupe, you might want to look into it! National Festival is a blast!!



1. What must I have for registration when I get to Festival?
Original Consent & Acceptance Form and a copy for all participants   

(You may VIEW the Consent & Acceptance Form only. Go to File and download as a Word Doc to edit. Please do not email asking for access to the document.)
Copy of the Troupe Participation Agreement Form


2. Do I have to send in a check for registration and a separate check for hotel fees?

No. One check is all inclusive and is preferred.


3. Does the check need to be in your hands by the registration deadline, or does it just have to be postmarked by the deadline?

The envelope must be postmarked by the deadline.



1. Why should I stay at the conference hotel?

It’s convenient, it’s safe, it keeps your travel expenses down, and it helps lower the overall conference expenses. The Gaylord Texan Hotel is attached to the Gaylord Texan Resort Convention Center. This means you never have the leave the building from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. You and your students will be under one roof at all times, and students will be supervised by hired security which allows each director and chaperone the knowledge that we have you protected.  Also, the convention hotels have negotiated cheaper rates which we pass on to you.


2. Why is there a $50.00 “commuter fee” for not staying in a TTSF contracted hotel?

TTSF has contracted with several properties in Grapevine to provide housing.  Once contracted, TTSF is expected to fulfill the contract.  Workshop space is paid for in relation to the number of hotel bookings and fee assessments. If you choose to stay in a non-contracted hotel, you will be charged the $50.00 commuter fee per person.


3. What if we live in the DFW area and don’t want to pay for a hotel room?

The $50.00 commuter fee still applies to each person who registers for Festival.


4. Do I need to guarantee my reservation?

No. We do that for you. The hotel will send a confirmation once you have paid your Festival Registration in full.  Please do NOT contact the hotel regarding your reservations. Email Amy Jordan for ALL registration inquiries.


5. Do I get a print out of the hotel bill?

No. Your registration paperwork is your final bill.


6. Once I get to the hotel, can I get my hotel keys before I go through registration?

No. All schools must finalize registration and present your Texas Thespian Festival badge to receive your room keys. Room keys will be given only to the Troupe Director.


7. How do I get replacement room keys?

The Troupe Director must go to the front desk to request replacement keys. Do NOT send a student or  chaperone. The Troupe Director’s name is on all room reservations, so the Director must show his/her Driver’s License.


8. How many kids can I put in a hotel room? Can I get a roll-away? Can I bring sleeping bags?

Only four students maximum may lodge in each room. Most rooms are two double beds and will not fit a roll-away.  If a roll-away is warranted by the Festival Director, there is an additional fee. And no, no sleeping bags.


9. Do I have to put a credit card down for incidental room charges?

Yes. We strongly suggest, however, that you turn off all incidentals (internet, snacks, entertainment channels, etc.)  Texas Thespians will pre-order this for all rooms.


10. Can I hold hotel rooms and cancel them later?

No. It is highly suggested that you compile accurate information prior to beginning registration so that no additional Change Fees will be charged.  We will not issue refunds after the deadline. All cancelled hotel rooms will incur a fee of $100.00 per room.


11. I’m sharing lodging with another school district. How do we split the payment?

Only one school may register and submit payment for both parties. You will have to work out your payment to the other district individually.


12. Do I have to pay for a room for my bus driver?

You must register and pay for every room needed and reserved. If your bus driver is staying, then yes. You'll need to register your driver and pay for a room.


13. Will there be bus, truck, or van parking?

Yes. Bus parking is free. Cars and vans can self-park in the hotel garage for $12/day.





1. I am not a Troupe Director, but I would like to attend Festival. How do I register?

Register as a Troupe Director; when you are prompted to enter your troupe number, type in Unknown.


2. Do all attending performing students have to be inducted Thespians?

No. However. only inducted Thespians may audition for scholarships.


3. Do all students have to be academically eligible to attend Festival?

Certainly, you will follow your district’s policy, but as you know, in Texas if we don’t pass, we don’t play.