Texas Thespians have hired security onsite to serve along with our teachers and administrative representatives from schools and districts attending our festival.  Please understand that we take your safety and security very seriously and violations will be dealt with by the Festival Security Team.  A delegate who violates the Festival Rules will have to deal with the consequences of his/her behavior and in some instances will be sent home from festival.  Please take time to review our Social Media Policy in addition to the following Rules & Code of Conduct.

We have divided violations into three categories:

  • Minor Infractions

  • Major Infractions

  • Immediate Removal from the Festival

The Security Chairperson and Security Team reserve the right to determine the magnitude of any violation of the Security Policies.  It shall be left to the discretion of the Security Chairperson and State Chapter Director to determine action to be taken regarding any violation not covered herein. 




Badge removal and meeting with Troupe Director and State Chapter Director (or their designate).  More than one minor infraction could result in a troupe being denied attendance at the following year’s festival.

  1. Not wearing badge above the waist with nametag visible and producing it when asked

  2. Not participating in festival activities and hanging out in hallways

  3. Posting messages or flyers in the convention center or hotel

  4. Using non-appropriate school language or profanity

  5. Found outside of festival space during festival time without a director

  6. Using cellphones, texting or causing disruptive audience behavior during a performance

  7. Throwing food or inappropriate behavior in the dining halls

  8. Playing on escalators or in elevators

  9. Being disrespectful to adult delegates, security staff, hotel or convention staff



Badge removal and mandatory meeting with Troupe Director, State Chapter Director (or their designate) and the Security Chair and could result is delegate being sent home at their families expense.  Major infractions could result in a troupe being denied attendance at the following year’s festival.

  1. Found outside of hotel room after curfew

  2. Causing excessive noise/disruption in the hotel

  3. Throwing an object out of the hotel, hanging out of hotel windows, or damage to the hotel or convention center

  4. Severely disruptive behavior during festival

  5. Acts of theft, vandalism or disregard for property that is part of the festival or it’s participants

  6. Use of fireworks, noise-making devices

  7. Failure to show up at a Security Meeting



  1. Willful setting off a false alarm or causing a public disturbance

  2. Theft

  3. Found in possession of or under the influence of alcohol

  4. Found in possession of or under the influence of drugs or controlled substances

  5. Found with a firearm or other weapon in his/her possession


**Badge will be turned in to the Festival Staff Office and Student and their director will meet immediately with the appropriate people.